Eva’s Garden Restaurant – Mykonos

Eva’s Garden Restaurant
Goumenio Square | N. Kalogera 2, Mykonos Town 84600, Greece

IMG_4374IMG_4375IMG_4372IMG_4373Upon searching reviews on TripAdvisor, I found this little gem which was my best overall meal in Mykonos. If fact, so much so that I ate here for my last dinner in Mykonos. The place is super romantic. You’re literally sitting in an outdoor garden of an old home. Seating is at street level and upstairs. I preferred street level for you can look up passed the greenery hanging from above and see the stars shining above. It’s such a great place.IMG_4461 IMG_4459IMG_4363IMG_4365

Both visits were located with views of the kitchen. If you look closely, you can see the head chef (mom/grandmother) busy making all of the delicious food Eva’s serves its guest. My waiter was the son-in-law of the head chef – the whole place has a very family atmosphere.IMG_4369

Ok, so onto the food…Both visits I started with the Fried Feta, which obviously was good enough to order a second time. The dish was perfectly balanced between feta, honey and sesame seeds. Definitely order this when visiting.IMG_4458IMG_4367

My two main entrees were the Moussaka and Mussels. Both excellent. In fact, I originally searched for the best Moussaka in Mykonos, and this was the place that everyone raved about. The dish certainly didn’t disappoint. And the mussels were done uniquely with leeks and thyme. Also very good too.IMG_4368IMG_4462

On my last night, I had seen a couple tables full of locals order the Baklava. I was too full to be able to eat a full order by myself, so kindly asked my waiter (who remembered me from my last visit, and told was coming here for my last dinner) if I could have just a tiny sliver of Baklava to try. He then brings out half an order and says he’ll eat the other half later…hahaha.IMG_4463

Overall, this was my favorite restaurant in Mykonos. I cannot wait to return and eat the home-cooked food again set in such a lovely garden patio setting! 🙂

M-Eating Mykonos

Kalogera 10, Mykonos Town 84600, Greece

I did not make a reservation, and was travelling solo so figured I’d just show up and sit at the bar. But luckily arrived just in time for a small table immediately available next to the hostess stand and a little window looking out onto a table below on the patio and the street. Also had a great view to the kitchen to see all of the action, which appeared to operate very efficiently while the head chef oversaw operations.

I started with the Scallops entry, which was fantastic! A picture is attached to show the awesomely displayed platter. I would order this again. IMG_4331Then I ordered the lamb chops, which were too displayed very nicely. The meat was fresh and cooked perfectly.IMG_4332

Overall, I would definitely return here again on my next visit to Mykonos. If you love scallops – make sure to order the appetizer here. You’ll be impressed.

Royal Myconian Mykonos Review – Deluxe Room with Spa/Hot Tub

Stayed here for 4 nights in June 2015, booked into a Deluxe Room with Spa Balcony – Room 208.IMG_4199IMG_4200

I arrived in Mykonos after 40hours of flying with long layovers. The shuttle service was very prompt at 630A to pick me up from the airport. After a short 20 minute ride to Elia Beach, I arrived at the Royal Myconian and surprised to find an early check-in of 7AM…off to great start!  After being escorted to my room, I quickly discovered I didn’t have a Spa on my balcony. So a quick stop back at the front desk where the very nice agent escorted me back to the room. He looked at the balcony too only to be puzzled himself. But then discovered a second door on the other side of the room that led to a second balcony where the spa/hot tub was located. We enjoyed a laugh together – my excuse being I just flew 40 hours and wasn’t mentally all there, and he for not realizing there were two doors. No big deal.

As I settled in, I realized the room itself was fantastic…A private balcony spa/hot tub where just a few pool chairs could possibly see (if they were actively looking), and behind me a couple balconies from up on a hill could look down but over my entire stay I never saw anyone out there – very private.IMG_4210 IMG_4211IMG_4217

Then a second balcony which overlooks the entire pool area and common areas (restaurant, bar, lounge, lobby) to the left. Not to mention a view of the entire Elia Beach area – It’s an amazing (private) room, with no one above to look down on me. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here.IMG_4214 IMG_4215 IMG_4216

Here are pictures of the rest of the room. The bed was comfortable, but my complaint is that this bed is not for romantic couples – at all! The beds were not tied together, were made with individual sheets instead of as one King bed, and kept sliding to create a hole in the middle when moving from one side to another. So if you are ok sleeping alone, these beds are ideal. But for any romance, I’d request another room for this simple fact only.IMG_4201IMG_4207Very nice closets with lots of space to hang clothing:


Door looking out onto balcony with Spa/Hot tub and lounge chairs:

Doors leading to balcony with table and overlooking pool:IMG_4213


Very nice bathroom with large tub and shower head, double sinks and very nice bathroom amenities:IMG_4202IMG_4203IMG_4204IMG_4205

Hotel Lobby/Grounds: The hotel does a very good job keeping all of the areas clean and very well maintained. Here are pictures of the lobby:IMG_4223IMG_4220 IMG_4222

Here is a view of the hotel lobby bar:


And here is a view from the lobby bar patio looking down onto the hotel pool and Elia Beach:IMG_4219Service: Everyone I encountered here was very friendly and willing to help and/or answer any questions at any time. I was very pleased with the staff here – very nice!

Room: The room itself was fantastic. I would recommend this same room (208) when I stay here again. From the (just about) private spa/hot tub balcony with 2 very comfortable lounge chairs, including head pillows. To the other balcony looking onto the pool and common areas, with both balconies looking onto the seafront view of Elia Beach and beyond. Very nice views here.

Food: The breakfast buffet was included with my room each morning. A great and varied selection of breakfast items, both cold and hot. Enough to fill anyone up through dinner time. 🙂

Room Service: I ordered a late lunch one day. The fried calamari was very chewy and didn’t taste fresh at all. And the salad wasn’t much to be desired. I think this was the only low point of my stay, as I wouldn’t bother ordering room service again, given the quality, but rather continue going to lunch down at the beach restaurant where the fried calamari was excellent!IMG_4249Overall…my stay was excellent. The room, other than the bed, was fantastic. I loved having the two balconies and the hot tub to enjoy without having to go down to the pool or beach to enjoy the water. And having the views from the room of the pool and Elia Beach was the reason I didn’t do anything for my first 4 days of vacation. The room is that great.

I did take the evening bus to Mykonos Town to get my evening Gyro and Gelato. Which should only come from Jimmy’s and Gelorti, respectively:IMG_4431IMG_4225And there’s nothing like coming back to my room and relaxing on the patio overlooking the pool and seeing this cool view:IMG_4235


British Airways (BA) First Class IAH-LHR (BA194)

British Airways First Class delivers again!

I used 2 companion certificates from the BA Chase Visa card to fly my parents to Europe – 1st Class – for their 40th wedding anniversary. I feel very fortunate in my life to have the ability to provide my parents a travel experience they have never had in their lives. The most comfortable flying they’ve come close too was a domestic business class seat from IAH-HNL. Certainly nothing like international first class! 🙂

The downside to flying BA are of course their fuel surcharges. It’s ridiculous when you’re redeeming 200,000 BA points that you still have to pay $1300 per person in taxes & fees. But a 40th anniversary only comes around once, so it’s worth the money to me.

We arrived early at IAH and had some lunch before proceeding to the BA First Lounge. I did my best to search for the lounge hours online, and found the lounge opened at 12PM. However, that is not correct. The BA First Lounge at IAH opens at 2PM! It’s not much time for the 4PM flight that we were on, but certainly lots of lounge time for those taking the 8PM flight. Here are some pictures of the lounge:


The First Lounge at IAH is very nice. Furniture could use some updating as cushions are getting very worn, but the liquor selection was very good and they offered a number of snacks that were very tasty. The only one I couldn’t wrap my head around is why they would offer Chili before a 10hr flight to Europe in a pressurized cabin. Just doesn’t seem like that would be the best food choice on a long flight. 😉

Boarding was very quick, with First Class boarding first before everyone else. My parents and I quickly boarded and settled into our seats (2A, 2D, 2F). Parents were in the two middle seats while I was on the window – which is my favorite seat in BA First as the seat seems to offer more space, and I can control the cool window shades with the touch of a button. 😀

Once boarded, I let the purser know this was my parents first time in first class and they were celebrating their 40th anniversary, so they would know to be patient and take extra care of them. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew, who were all excited to have my parents onboard and make their experience extra special.

After welcoming us onboard, the crews first question was what drink we’d like to have for pre-boarding. Which was brought very quickly. And that was followed by pajamas. Here are some pictures of our BA194 flight from IAH-LHR:IMG_4168


I always enjoy the extra long legroom to spread out with these window seats, the USB and 110V plugs they offer to keep all of my technology charged upon landing. Once changed into pajamas, and the crew offering to hang my clothes in the crew closet so wouldn’t be cramped and wrinkled in the small closet at my seat, the crew then distributed menus and began asking everyone what they’d like to eat. While the food on BA is never anything to write home about, having a table cloth, silverware, salt & pepper shakers and the ability to press a call button and ask for anything I want.IMG_4557Nothing like coach were flight attendants snarl at you for pushing the button, which they make seem like should only be for emergencies only. BA service in First Class, on all of my experiences, has always been very attentive during meal service. If you’re not in the mood to get out of your seat and stretch your legs in the galley, then you’ll need to press the button usually to get something quickly. But the flight attendants have always been quick and friendly when I’ve requested something mid-flight.

The flight itself was pretty uneventful. After a few hours of sleep, and catching up on some movies on their entertainment system, breakfast was served before landing. I chose the pancakes, which were a little on the dry side but the chocolate sauce made up for it!IMG_4174

Right before landing, the purser and head flight attendant came over to my seat and asked if it would be ok to give a gift to me on behalf of my parents anniversary. They offered a full bottle of champagne and the bottle of red wine we were drinking. A very thoughtful and generous gesture on behalf of the crew. My parents were super grateful. Thank you to the BA staff for making such a memorable flight experience for my parents anniversary celebration.