Eva’s Garden Restaurant – Mykonos

Eva’s Garden Restaurant
Goumenio Square | N. Kalogera 2, Mykonos Town 84600, Greece

IMG_4374IMG_4375IMG_4372IMG_4373Upon searching reviews on TripAdvisor, I found this little gem which was my best overall meal in Mykonos. If fact, so much so that I ate here for my last dinner in Mykonos. The place is super romantic. You’re literally sitting in an outdoor garden of an old home. Seating is at street level and upstairs. I preferred street level for you can look up passed the greenery hanging from above and see the stars shining above. It’s such a great place.IMG_4461 IMG_4459IMG_4363IMG_4365

Both visits were located with views of the kitchen. If you look closely, you can see the head chef (mom/grandmother) busy making all of the delicious food Eva’s serves its guest. My waiter was the son-in-law of the head chef – the whole place has a very family atmosphere.IMG_4369

Ok, so onto the food…Both visits I started with the Fried Feta, which obviously was good enough to order a second time. The dish was perfectly balanced between feta, honey and sesame seeds. Definitely order this when visiting.IMG_4458IMG_4367

My two main entrees were the Moussaka and Mussels. Both excellent. In fact, I originally searched for the best Moussaka in Mykonos, and this was the place that everyone raved about. The dish certainly didn’t disappoint. And the mussels were done uniquely with leeks and thyme. Also very good too.IMG_4368IMG_4462

On my last night, I had seen a couple tables full of locals order the Baklava. I was too full to be able to eat a full order by myself, so kindly asked my waiter (who remembered me from my last visit, and told was coming here for my last dinner) if I could have just a tiny sliver of Baklava to try. He then brings out half an order and says he’ll eat the other half later…hahaha.IMG_4463

Overall, this was my favorite restaurant in Mykonos. I cannot wait to return and eat the home-cooked food again set in such a lovely garden patio setting! 🙂

M-Eating Mykonos

Kalogera 10, Mykonos Town 84600, Greece

I did not make a reservation, and was travelling solo so figured I’d just show up and sit at the bar. But luckily arrived just in time for a small table immediately available next to the hostess stand and a little window looking out onto a table below on the patio and the street. Also had a great view to the kitchen to see all of the action, which appeared to operate very efficiently while the head chef oversaw operations.

I started with the Scallops entry, which was fantastic! A picture is attached to show the awesomely displayed platter. I would order this again. IMG_4331Then I ordered the lamb chops, which were too displayed very nicely. The meat was fresh and cooked perfectly.IMG_4332

Overall, I would definitely return here again on my next visit to Mykonos. If you love scallops – make sure to order the appetizer here. You’ll be impressed.